Interpreting Services

Phone Interpreting

Phone interpreting is the most convenient form of interpretation available to industries, thanks to its convenience and cost-effectiveness. Telephone interpreting allows people to communicate across different languages simply and in a matter of seconds. A telephone interpreter is beneficial in an emergency or unexpected situation where interpretation is needed and can preserve anonymity if necessary. Our qualified and experienced phone interpreters are bilingual and bicultural professionals, all of whom are experts in specific business and industry sectors. They are multi-skilled consecutive interpreters and can simultaneously: listen to the speaker, analyse what has been said, and interpret this into another language while preserving the form, nuances, and intention of the original message. Ensuring quality interpretation that meets the client’s needs.

Remote Video Interpreting

Video interpreting is the most flexible and convenient way to provide high quality translations in real time. Our video interpreting service brings our trained and accredited interpreters to you in a cost-efficient and easily accessible way.  Video interpreting is ideally suited for the new wave of remote meetings/events taking place globally. WeTranslate staff will familiarise themselves with your project requirements and will select mother-tongue linguists based on language variant, subject, expertise, cultural knowledge, as well as previous work experience within your industry sector. Our staff have the skills and knowledge to ensure that services are delivered on time and in accordance with client requirements. We will assist with finalising and clarifying any queries and non-conformities and will suggest suitable solutions and preventive actions. Our staff collaborate with our clients to liaise post-production to ensure full customer satisfaction.

Face to Face Interpreting

Traditional face to face interpreting by nature is instant, personal, and facilitates open conversation. It easily allows the breakdown of any barriers. It is ideally suited for conferences/events, planned meetings and appointments deemed important and urgent. Meetings where major decisions and sensitive information need to be shared and best delivered in person, for example in a board meeting or medical/police scenario. Our Interpreters are trained to pick up on physical nuances that alter the overall meaning of what is being said and allow an accurate interpretation to be made. Booking a face-to-face interpreter needs to be done in advance to ensure arrangements can be made for the interpreter to be prepared and travel to the given location. There are additional travel costs incurred for face-to-face assignments.